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I have been repairing and re-lacing gloves for 30 years but not as always as a business  but as a hobby. In my youth I remember repairing gloves by using shoelaces or whatever I could find that would hold long enough to play. I have come a long way from using shoe laces but my passion has not changed about repairing gloves.


As a player, there is always that concern of what to do when a lace breaks during a game or tournament.  The chances of using that same glove for the remainder of the game or tournament is slim to none. Do we go out and buy a new glove? Which means breaking it in all over again. Do we simply try to find a repair shop that we can trust to repair our glove quickly and affordable price? In most case finding that repair shop is the best way to go.


So with that in mind, I decided to turn my hobby into a business that provides prompt affordable glove repair to baseball and softball players. Gloves can be shipped to the address listed below for repairs and or re-lacing. Once received, the repairs can completed and shipped within 48 hours.

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